Ur page shows and helps with natural meds its very informative. Always the nicest warriors ive ever met. Have a blessed birthday



Due to all you have done, I am starting to be able to have a normal again. Due to all the pain and exhaustion I've put off a lot with my house. Let's just say Mama is painting again!!!

 I found your website right after my mother past away. I feel you came into my life for a reason. A sign from above. My mother was always worried about me . She knew I lived my life in constant pain. You are my Angel my mother sent to me. I can’t thank you enough for all the pain relief I get from your products, and the support of this wonderful group.🙏🏻🌈😇😘

this group has helped me to gain understanding about IC and to not feel alone in living with it .

 thank you so much for all you have done even when you are sick yourself. Your products have given me hope and help.

Every single thing I have gotten from You has helped tremendously. I love the root beer rub, coochie coolers, Cbd suppositories, the vape pens. They have all helped more than anything an MD has prescribed and have saved my sanity.


11.12.2020 02:28


Cooling Feminine Oil and Firecrotch Balm have changed my life! I was living in serious pain. I had tried everything for my urethral burning and I mean everything. These products are IT! Ty ty ty!

24.04.2020 17:16


I have used so many products after surgeries, after child birth, during a flare and in every day life. You won’t regret purchasing. Amazing quality and great prices . Thank you!

17.04.2020 23:33


Mystery Pain Rub: I use this on my sore joints after a long day and the pain is gone. I like the texture and scent. The relief is long acting, much better than taking OTC medications!

17.04.2020 23:31


CBD Infused Nasal Inhaler: I have been using the nasal inhalers for over a year. The lemon scent is light and uplifting. The inhalers are cost effective, long lasting, portable, and discreet!

20.06.2019 01:01

Angie Moseley

I just wanted to give a big shout-out to Dolores (in general ) and to her new coochie cooler wipes. Ohmagoodness they are so comforting and really cool down the burn!

01.01.2019 21:38

Shawna Jarvis

Just finished reading The Firecrotch Fairy Diary and WOW what a great read. All of those comments from other women ( I can so relate) and thank you Dolores for sharing your journey.

06.12.2018 19:00


I started using one of the disposable vapes 3 weeks ago and haven't used my fentanyl patches since. I am blown away! Thank you Delores!

04.12.2018 21:25

Robin Widdop

I have purchased multiple products over the past 2 yrs that are superior to anything I could ever buy in my nearby healthfood store. Delores Eastman Runte is very professional and caring individual.

04.12.2018 20:48

Debbie Harwell

I love the suppositories! They have helped to calm things down many times. The cbd inhaler is great for anxiety.

17.11.2018 18:07

Cathy Cazares

I just recently started using the disposable Vapes and I must say they are heaven sent. Dolores is great to work with and I will be trying other products very soon. Thank you Dolores !

01.11.2018 23:00


From the potions to the suppositories everything on this site that I have ordered has helped me in some way. Don't know what I'd do without it!

17.05.2018 02:39


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